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10. Maksim   (03.11.2015 16:37)
For me Timur also upgraded Onkyo 5007 receiver (“standard” version). I use it as a preamp to Parasound power amplifier (two A23 monoblocks for front, and one A31for center and rear). Acoustics by Vienna. I mostly use those for music listening.
The sound became much more lucid in the entire range, more “musical”, all instruments sound by far more distinct, and bass is just marvelous.
Kudos to Timur!

9. Andrew ufo   (03.11.2015 16:36)
Many thanks to Timur for the excellent sound! He upgraded my Onkyo 5007 receiver – the latest upgrade with maximum focus on frontal channels. Before upgrade the receiver produced a dull sound, the bass was loud, the midrange was almost missing, and the treble was obviously excessive. Timur recommended disabling the embedded amplifier and using an external one instead. For the time being I’m still using the embedded one. I listen to the music in multichannel stereo, acoustics is in shields.
In terms of frequency the sound became smooth; it fully controls the loudspeakers’ motion. This precision makes the sound seem a bit arid, although details have become much more distinct. The sound resembles that of good earphones. No extra distortions appear with power increase, so it’s hard to resist the temptation of making the volume up. Owing to high-sensitivity loudspeakers and open acoustics the sound was rather natural even before upgrade, so now I’m a little bores as I have practically nothing to strive for. Thanks to Timur – I’ve reached my horizon. The sound is perfect.

8. Mikhail   (03.11.2015 16:35)
Timur upgraded my Integra 60.6 to a standard version. Although I have nothing to compare it with (this is my very first receiver), I must say I’ve found no flaws in the sound. In combination with Elac FS 407 the upgraded receiver produces sound of good precision, which is actually what I longed for. I’m perfectly satisfied with the result!

7. Roman   (03.11.2015 16:34)
I’ve received the second device from Timur).. The sound is predictable – dense, sharp-edged.. This is rejoicing – Timur’s upgrade style is sustained.. So if you love his signature sound, you need not doubt - any Onkyo/Integra he undertakes to upgrade will sound equally fine… Thank you, Timur!)

6. Roman   (03.11.2015 16:32)
PS… I’ve just received a virgin Onkyo 3010, in which power amplifier and processor are the same as in the previous one (slight changes in channel combination and reading format)… In terms of stereo sound it’s a twin of my 3008… So, I finally had a chance to compare them (that is why I did not write about the upgrade made over a month ago). I compared both stereo and multichannel by simply changing the receivers, i.e. the framing and AC are the same, as is the room))
Well, the first thing you notice is the clear and structured bass in the upgraded device versus the fuzzy and NON-low bass in the green 3010. An abyss between them! As a result, the sound (especially in multichannel mode) is denser, more vigorous and realistic. Secondly, I’d like to mention sound distinction – this is the key to Timur’s special philosophy. The sounds are more precise and holographic (which is especially notable in movies), but in stereo the scene is “as-is”, while I wish it was more broad. This is the only feature in which one might prefer the original sound. But once the bass or tubby begins, the newbie is immediately defeated – while it makes hollow sounds, the upgraded device remains articulate. Thirdly - the planes. The new 3010 is simple – the scene is protruded, too startling, but the upgraded device makes several planes in depth. You switch on a concert and easily understand whether it was recorded in a club or in Wembley – the 3010 does not create such a definite sense of space.
P.S In this comparison Onkyo 3008 had a minimum upgrade.

5. Leonid   (03.11.2015 16:30)
I happened to meet Timur about a month ago. He upgraded my Onkyo 5009 to a maximum version. He is a very pleasant person, and his work is beyond all praise. I’d been using this receiver for a couple of years, and was satisfied by it in general. However, there’s always room for improvement. In some forum I found a question from a person who, just like me, was willing to improve the sound without radical replacement of a multichannel system. The local gurus unanimously answered that the only way was to address Timur. I don’t know if that fellow took this advice, but I did.
All the reviews I found about Timur were highly appreciative, so I gave my device to a stranger without any worries. A week later he gave me my Onkyo back, and the sound just amazed me! From my dilettante viewpoint, the receiver sounded quite good before the upgrade. But the result was shocking! I’m not very good at describing sound nuances, but when your insides vibrate with the contrabass, and your heart goes pit-a-pat with the tummy – the feelings are just unspeakable! The cymbals tinkle so that I rush out of the room thinking that my wife came home and dropped the keys! The sounds are strikingly realistic. Besides, since I have no subwoofer, Timur had to adjust his conventional upgrade circuitry – which he managed to do perfectly well.

4. Vladimir   (03.11.2015 16:28)
Totally agree with the above reviewers!
I’ve been using my Onkyo 5508 receiver upgraded in 2013 for three years. For all this time I had no single complaint about the purity of sound of my device’s tweaked part, which means that the upgrader was very careful in his work and in selection of components. While we discussed upgrade options and thereafter in the course of operation, he gave me reasonable advice on how to unleash the potential of my device, how to make the most of an AV processor, how to listen to the music…
Before I met Timur I believed that what I needed was to find the most expensive processor I could afford, so I persistently explored forums about musical devices and AVs, frequented online radio equipment flea markets trying to catch an expensive device at a reasonable price… But after I listened to a tweaked device at my friend’s I realized – thet’s just the thing!
My experience is not very vast, but since I connected my device to setup, all my friends and guests having slight interest in music kept wondering – what’s the secret of this sound? What device was on and how it so happened that they have almost the same hardware at home, but watching movies and listening to the music at my place was far more interesting?
To sum up, this tweak is really obvious even to an unsophisticated listener and AV viewer; it is perceivable even when music is playing on background at friendly parties just to create a pleasant atmosphere.
Versatility of genre playing and superb operation within a home cinema is exclusively attributed to the setup center – the tweaked Onkyo processor.

3. Vlad   (03.11.2015 16:27)
My fellow came to my place to listen to my sound system. His primary aim was to listen to my power amplifiers, and we mostly played vinyl, but as an experiment he brought his MUSE ERATO II CD/DVD transport and a two-channel DAC MUSE ONE NINETY TWO. They were connected by a patented digital interface MAP-Link by Muse Electronics (the so-called 13W3 I2S flat hybrid cable).
According to the owner, in 2006 this equipment set cost him about 12-14 thousand USD.
I used OPPO 93 universal player as a transport, and Integra processor upgraded by Timur to a maximum version as a D-to-A converter. They were connected by a trivial HDMI cable.
Since the comparison was optional, we confined ourselves to listening about 7-10 fragments of the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky.
I was sitting in the rear on one side, so I have nothing to say about the scene. In some points it seemed to me that Integra produced richer timbres, and the triangle sounded much better on Integra – it’s hard to explain – so sparkling and airy, unearthly, while the MUSE reproduced it somewhat simplified and schematic. When I said about this difference, my guest agreed. When we finished listening, he said that in terms of micro-dynamics and micro-details, Integra sounded better.
Such is the result. Of course, this is not a comprehensive comparison on various material, not a blind listening, but what I can affirmatively claim is that Intergra did not disgrace itself in the battle with a very serious rival.

2. Khaibula Khasaev   (03.11.2015 16:25)
Absolutely agree to all the above opinions. I’m as pleased as Punch with the result. I didn’t even expect such difference with my Onkyo 5509. The greatest difference for me is that the sound became very natural and vivid. Treble and sibilants are no longer painfully piercing, but the level of detail increased immensely. Even weird – you just sit back and enjoy the sound. Thank you very much again.

1. Alexey   (03.11.2015 16:23)
Timur is a mega-cool dude. His work is just mind-blowing.
By his magic touch this wizard brings all devices to a whole new level.
You are amazing – props to you!


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