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Ayon Triton III

Ayon Triton III is actually a typical integrated amplifier blending in with other tube amplifiers. The design is bright, catchy, recherché, but many people find it likeable. That is in fact all I have to say.

As regards the sound, the bass is bloated and excessive. Tremble is not quite pure and clear, probably even muffled. The way it creates the stage leaves much to be desired. When we compared it to cheaper analogs of other brands, even much cheaper ones showed better results.

But I must admit this amplifier is powerful enough. It will cope with almost any acoustics connected, which by the way is not the least of the factors, as it is not really appropriate to compare it with a well-sounding class A amplifier with 18W output. High power is not the key price-forming factor, especially for tube amplifiers.

We decided to try to slightly improve the sound.

1. All tubes were replaced by better quality ones, though we listened different – from Telefunken to Electro-Harmonix.
2. All interstage capacitors were replaced by the best of all possible alternatives. Teflon-insulated copper foil. V-Cap TFTF.
3. All diode bridges were replaced.
4. Relays in the input sector were replaced by Takamisawa. For some reason they started to misbehave, got sticky.
5. Also some minor changes were introduced – resistors, capacitors.

As the result, overall sound significantly improved, became limpid, treble cleared, shroud was gone; stage became deeper.

Of course, a knockout cannot be made of this amplifier by mere replacement of elements, for what affects the amplifier’s power most of all is the circuitry, and in tube amplifiers – the output transformers, which in our case are not replaceable, and making any effort is quite pointless.

P. S. As a matter of fact, upgrading an amplifier is far from being a good investment, for one will have to spend much more than on acoustics or the source, while the effect of such upgrade will be inferior.

Author: Timur Sheykhov

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Date: 30.01.2015 | Views: 3134 | Total comments: 0 | Rating: 3.7/3
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