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Yamaha CX-A5000

In August 2014 I was testing Yamaha CX-A5000 AV processor. I was looking forward for it to come into market, and finally received it and tested.

What awakened my interest in this device in the first place was the fact that multichannel DAC was assembled on ESS Sabre 9018. 2 pieces. The processor has an unusual five-band parametric equalizer. All this seemed quite intriguing.


I disassembled it and looked inside – and I must say I liked what I saw. The quality of assembly and components is fair. Good electrolytic capacitors and operating amplifiers. Solid casing, double bottom.The overall impression was nice.

What I disliked was that analog part’s power was based on a toroidal transformer, and for all other purposes a simple pulse power unit was provided. Maybe, this is what eventually spoiled the sound.

Sound and controls.

The equalizer has nothing outstanding about it. Frequency selection for setup is small, and is essentially not better than that in Integra DHC-80.3 / Onkyo PR-SC5509. I’ve been listening to this processor for one week. I warmed it up etc. In the upshot, the sound was quite average. Good midrange and bass. Excellent dynamics. But accented harsh treble ruins the picture, make it cheesy, deprives sound of luster and nobility.

This processor also has a challenging menu for setup and configuration. Who on earth could have created it? I understand that it’s a matter of habit, but why overcomplicate things without need?

I initially bought this device as a potential donor for further upgrade as I thought it had the potential. But after I scrutinized its insides, I concluded that there is practically no room for improvement. I mean, much work would have to be done, but the result would not be worth it. So I just assembled it back.

Author: Timur Sheykhov

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Date: 09.01.2015 | Views: 3826 | Total comments: 0 | Rating: 5.0/3
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