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Oppo Digital UPD-205After a couple of years after release of Oppo BDP-105D, the model was updated up to UPD-205. It was initially known that the device would be tooled for 4k, and in general it would not bring anything new in the rest. And it turned out that way. After primary inspection of the analog part, my opinion proved true. It remained practically the same. Nominal values of elements were changed a little, but on the whole the circuit design is similar. There are deficiencies of course, as usual. There is space where to apply efforts. The sounding in style of Oppo ...
Date: 29.11.2018 | Sources | Views: 2073 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5.0/1

Oppo Digital BDP-105DI was constantly coming across online reviews that fortune finally smiled at us – “No other device sounds better, no matter how much it costs”. So, I just had to check whether it’s true. I bought it, tested it. And here’s what I have to say about it. The device is fairly good as a digital source. It’s able to read almost every format of sound and video. User-friendly. Good image. No claims in this respect. But the analog sound was far from being impressive. There’s no arguing that the digital output is good – it really sounds fine, I compared it with 3000-5000 USD devices – not bad, but I’ve seen better. The sound from analog output is not that great: harsh, foul, poor in timbre. Bearing in mind that I have been using upgraded Onkyo/Integra processors for a long time, the difference is evident. No need to harken. That is why I made up my mind to study upgrade opportunities for Oppo BDP-105D.
Date: 19.10.2015 | Sources | Views: 4483 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5.0/1

Ayon AudioI did not describe each Ayon CD player separately. I’d just say that I have sifted through many of them – CD-2, CD-2s, CD-5s, and others. Mostly all top models. Actually, they all are practically the same in terms of circuitry, thus the sound is pretty much alike. This similarity is for the most part attributed to 6n30p output tubes, which give the sound the well-known "roundness". Generally speaking, the hardware is very well assembled, especially in view of its reasonable price. CD-5s has quality Philips CD-PRO2M transport. Digital-to-analog converter microchips - PCM1704UK. Power unit with rectifier tubes. Good interstage capacitors Mundorf MCap Supreme Silver-Gold.Oil. RCORE transformers - 3 pcs. CD-2 and CD-2s have SONY transport, PCM1704 D-to-A converters, but not selected as those in CD-5s. The power module is simpler.
Date: 27.01.2015 | Sources | Views: 6919 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 4.8/6

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