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Montana EPS-2More than once have I installed Montana EPS-2 in various systems, both for music and video. These speakers are worth their price. Solid heavy casing, good filter, firm assembly. Users at forums say that bass is too weak – typical for Montana. This is not true, at least for EPS-2. They do not have an exaggerated bass – it is just smooth. I measured these speakers – the bass is OK within their compass, both by sound and by measurements. Of course, low-frequency speakers of similar size with deeper bass exist, but their sensitivity is notably lower. These very speakers can be called universal – compatible either with class A low-power tube amplifiers of 40-60 W, or with transistor amplifiers of any power level. The result would be pleasing in both cases. The weak point of these speakers, in my opinion, is their tweeters. Perhaps they are adequate for their price range, but my ears have been pampered...
Date: 14.01.2015 | Speaker system | Views: 4372 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5.0/1

Nola Viper 1A loudspeakersI’ve recently made over loudspeakers of this well-known brand. They sound very specific, the bass is very vigorous, good midrange, bright and ringing treble. Not my cup of tea. Measurements showed that bass is 8-10 dB too high. There is no rear chamber on the midrange speaker, open design, which makes the speakers sensitive to location in the room, and they definitely should not be placed near the back wall. Tweeter had an aluminum dome. Treble exceeded normal values. After disassembly it turned out that the parts inside were loose. Coils were not properly fastened in the filter – they were hanging on the wires. Acoustic terminals were dangling. Three out of four terminals were not tight. The owner complained that sound was sometimes lost, although the loudspeakers were only a few years old. Holes through which the wires go from the closed box into the open part of acoustic system...
Date: 10.01.2015 | Speaker system | Views: 4864 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5.0/2

Audiovector Mi3Initially the sound was a little disappointing. A gap in the upper-mid. Somewhat muffled. Treble was too strident. All in all, the owner of these speakers was dissatisfied with the way they sounded. The task did not consist in making them over, for it would be easier and far cheaper to produce new speakers than to remake the old ones. The objective was to improve the sonics to the uttermost at minimum cost, which would be impossible without replacement of the tweeter. The original tweeter was too crooked in measurement and repulsive in sound. We agreed upon installation of Heil’s air motion transformer Mundorf AMT21CM2.1C. We had to adjust the filter to this tweeter. In the meantime we replaced the standard wiring by Van Den Hul. The speaking casing is made of medium density fiberboard which is quite spongy and thin to the touch. Very austere, I must admit.
Date: 10.01.2015 | Speaker system | Views: 5919 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5.0/1

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